Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloweeny 2011

best of halloween, 2011, in a snow storm in bed-stuy

ringmaster and lion

housewife, pool boy, and b-tch daughter – LOVE this idea

when i asked this guy who he was, he said "a beautiful lady"

the old man from UP (i almost cried)

a Hassid, a jellyfish, and a creepy clown walk into a brownstone...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

paris record shopping

i have more things to post from our europe trip, and this is one of them. these are some fun/brightly designed 45s i picked up in paris. i loved the pops of color and the typography on these... and the songs turned out to also be awesome.

design project: fake biz cards

recently i've been inspired by a certain hilarious friend to make "fake business cards" that are just for jokes. i think these would be perfect to hand out to people you don't want to talk to at a bar, don't you?
(photo from the movie cry-baby)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Out in Philly

My lovely boo and i went to Philly this weekend for a mini vacation... and it was THE perfect weekend getaway. We took the bus, stayed at the Latham hotel w/ a free night from, ate cheese steaks, drank infused vodkas at Gunners Run and beer at Monk's, had delicious brunch at Sabrina's, then headed back! Honestly such a pleasant trip – I highly recommend it.

i saw these dogs around all day, so they're probly famous

this guy in the back seat giving the thumbs up
really wanted his picture taken. new friend?