Monday, February 28, 2011

food love: kale addiction

i should start a new blog called "i just want a shit ton of kale." i honestly can't get enough of it. i thought i was obsessed before my blueprint cleanse, but now i'm an addict (of kale, let's not forget).
anyway, this is a pic of what i made for dinner tonite. i feel like a copout like sandra lee of semi-homemade (she buys a bunch of different things that are already made and dumps them into a bowl together. ta daaaa)

kale + kielbasa
chop one *rinsed bunch of kale into large bite-sized pieces. chop about 2 inches of kielbasa from your local greenpoint polish meat store into quarter inch chunks. (if you don't have a polish meat store you may want to consider looking for a new place to live that's closer to a polish meat store.) add the kale and kielbasa to a medium pot with about half an inch of water, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. sautee the kale and kielbasa with the top on and the burner on medium-low for about 5 minutes. [end scene]

dear urban outfitters,

sometimes you're cheap and trashy, sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes i just think you're overpriced for it. i still like you from time to time, and i have stock in you (like one share of stock) AND want to work at your dog-friendly warehouse headquarters in philadelphia someday, but that's not to say that i'm not disappointed in your clothes... often. but yesterday i saw that old urban i remember when i found your new gold and turquoise rings. mmmmmmmmmm! i was surprised to learn they
a) were not made in china (as far as i know) and
b) were real turquoise, silver and gold.

so keep up the... work, and thank you for my new  ring.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

style roundup: eyeglasses

I've been thinking about getting new glasses lately, since i dont feel my current ones really reflect how i want to dress... These are some of my favorite frames right now, many are a medium or blonde tortoise.

super + visor, $195

oscar magnusen – grace, $298

lafont – aristo, $425

sol moscot originals, $225

sol moscot originals, $225

Food Love: Cookie Road & Karczma

an amazing greenpoint bakery at the corner of Franklin and Oak. go here for grasshopper brownies, guinness brownies, psychadelic looking cookies, cookies in cute shapes, and these...

an authentic polish restaurant in greenpoint that seems like it's on the high end of the polish food spectrum here. go here to really try polish food, eat tons of kielbasa, sausage, and more meats... and also potatoes and pierogis. and try ALL the different types of soups offered, like:
- pickle soup
- white borscht that tastes like slim jims a little bit
- red borscht with dumplings (my fave)

oh yeah and they have giant booths that make
doug, brix, and josh look small

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Love: Breckenridge, Colorado

we searched all day for the 'french bakery' and finally found it.
we didn't know the name of the place, but as it turns out, it's called 'french bakery'

the next few images are from our dinner at blue river bistro.
the best restaurant in town!

all the seafood you could ever want

this was at spencer's restaurant, which was in our hotel, beaver run resort

Saturday, February 19, 2011

check this music: ryan lee crosby's covers

Covers by Boston singer songwriter Ryan Lee Crosby... mostly rock/folk covers plus one new cover of a tribe called quest song. there are plenty to check out since he's been doing one every day for the past few weeks...

ryan lee crosby
jonathan briks

Out in Colorado: SKI TRIPPPP

back to nyc

Chicken Wings to Cleanse

I recently embarked on a juice cleanse, which was actually pretty awesome and really reset my system. I basically went from chicken wings to cleanse within a day, and directly after the 3-day cleanse was over I shipped myself out to Colorado for a ski trip. May have been a little dramatic, but now I feel totally ready to keep some of those healthy habits in my daily life. Still pondering buying a juices, though. (I really am in withdrawl from the green juice, which consisted of kale, parsley, lemon, and some other greens.)
thanks justin!

Mood Board: Val Day 2011

brix! my boyfriend.

our actual val day dinner