Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chicken Wings to Cleanse

I recently embarked on a juice cleanse, which was actually pretty awesome and really reset my system. I basically went from chicken wings to cleanse within a day, and directly after the 3-day cleanse was over I shipped myself out to Colorado for a ski trip. May have been a little dramatic, but now I feel totally ready to keep some of those healthy habits in my daily life. Still pondering buying a juices, though. (I really am in withdrawl from the green juice, which consisted of kale, parsley, lemon, and some other greens.)
thanks justin!

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  1. I love green juice! They started selling the BPC juices at the Whole Foods in Tribeca though, so if you want to pick them up individually they have them there. OR you can always buy a juicer and make your own :)