Friday, November 5, 2010

Food Love: Black Bean + Corn Dinner

I made this recently and served with grilled chicken
with the same seasonings.
(Should have also made some brown rice)

Recipe goes something like this: can of black beans, 1 cup of frozen sweet corn, half a cup of crushed tomatoes, quarter cup sofrito (?) and mexican seasoning (I used cumin and Criolla Isabella from Puerto Rico to give it an island taste and a little kick, and salt + pep) Since I make up most of the things I cook I can't remember if there was Sofrito or not, but I did have some on hand, and I do recall being inspired by a similar recipe in a vegan cookbook I have that called for Sofrito.

On a similar note, I published my first cookbook (self-published) and it's coming to me in the mail any day!!! It's a bunch of delicious recipes that I dumbed down to be simpler, and that I make all the time. Most of them have a healthy spin. Very excited.

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