Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year in Music

I'm finally thinking about my favorite music of 2010, or at least the most notable... and i think my fave album of the year was Wavves' King of the Beach, with Caribou's Swim a close second. bear in mind i probably invests the least amount of time seeking out music for a person who loves music.

Here's some other jammers slash important(?) songs from ye olde 2010, some of which i'm just learning about tonight as i read pitchfork's review, and some true faves i've been listening to a bunch:

Real Love by Delorean

New York Is Killing Me by Gil Scott-Heron
What do this song and the last song have in common? Hand claps. I love hand claps. Moving on...

When I'm With You by Best Coast
what i listened to most on the subway

Enter The Ninja by Die Antwoord
ummm yeah so this band... if you saw them live at nyc hardfest this summer like i did, you wouldn't be able to forget this song either.

Angel Echoes by Four Tet
i just discovered this but i think i LOVE it. and that my boyfriend would be proud since he is a huge four tet fan. we'll see, though.

Odessa, Sun, Kaili, Found Out, Leave House, Hannibal and Jamelia by Caribou
that would be nearly every song on the album Swim. this year i saw Caribou a record number of times.

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire
i got to actually go see arcade fire at MSG this year, and when they played this song it was so different from the rest of their set that it blew me away. that and her dress, which was silver sequins.

Round and Round by Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti
i enjoy the answered phone call in the middle of the song a la chromeo (and a lot of other bands before that). nice touch, though, and triumphant chorus.

And i'll end with The Stepkids, who are friends of mine that just got signed to Stones Throw because they will melt your face off.

I'm sure i left out plenty, but i have a lot of catching up to do.
Happy New Year!

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