Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun with Names

Last night Jon and I went to a couple shows in Park Slope, and while we were waiting for one show to start, we naturally started thinking up crazy baby names. who knows, they could happen. here is our list. I had to write these down because they were too good to forget (although i would have definitely forgotten them).

We were at Union Hall, which is an eclectic, spacious bar with a library in the front, two cozy fireplaces, and bacci inside in the back (and a music venue downstairs but i'll get to that later.) We went there to see A Great Big Pile of Leaves, a really fun band who did not disappoint. And now for some explanations of the pure magic we came up with...

First on the list is "Lib'ary" with the apostrophe cuz, ya know, it's more original.

Chardonnay to make sure she's pregnant by 16. We had to throw in our old standby, Shabrika, so it flows nicely as Chardonnay Shabrika Briks.

Then, we started thinking up Asian names like Keiko and Haruki. This ended up being harded than we anticipated and we pretty much only came up with these two.

Led... with Zeppelin III being the middle name. We decided that Zeppelin was almost the coolest name, except that it means huge blimp.

Lightening, where Thunder could be the brother and potentially Storm could come into play at some point.

The one that made us laugh most was Janitor. (Pronounced Yanitor) The thought of pronouncing it in a Swedish way made it the best contender yet.

Mixxy Briks would be pretty good, even though it's so 2011. If you haven't already seen the youtube music vid i'm sorry, i can't find it, but it was two 'rappers' in their room pouring alcohol on their own floor saying "this shit is mixxy" over and over.

And finally, in the basement behind the bar there was a huge diorama of a couple taxidermy ducks, some fake leaves like a jungle, and a fluffy stuffed chicken, which i need to have in my life. That wasn't meant to be a name, i just want a taxidermy chicken for realsies.

kind of like this
not like this.
or this.


  1. found the video. (JON found the video) I spelled it wrong. hahaha

  2. I want to be BFFs with Mixxy Briks