Saturday, September 17, 2011

Out in Paris

Here are some pictures from our time in Paris. We happened to be there for Paris Design Week, so we went to some of the stores participating in that (and did a little shopping). We hung out in the Marais, ate the world's best falafel as far as I know, went up the Eiffel Tower at night and saw the beautiful lights show, walked the Champs Élysées, sat at cafés, ate at Chardenoux (a Cyril Lignac restaurant), and more...


a restaurant we couldn't afford just yet. gorgeous seafood, though.

le bon marché

la grande epicerie (aka world's best cafeteria)

the louvre from within the jardin des tuileries

le chardenoux

oh paris, you and your square trees

the paris coat of arms – my favorite

place des vosges

i love all these big wooden doors!

across the bank from the eiffel tower

sunset was pretty amazing

we are ON the eiffel tower here! eeek!

we caught the lights show at 11pm! (It only lasts for 5 minutes each hour)

from the train

another shot from the train

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