Saturday, May 7, 2011

My CSA!! Tenth Acre Farms, Brooklyn

Today was the first day for pick-up at my CSA, Tenth Acre Farms! The whole thing is new to me, so Jon and I just walked over there (it's only 5 blocks away!) and looked for anyone to ask how we do this. We found one of the farmers and he just started clipping mixed greens and herbs for us! I'm sorry, I'm so new to this that the whole thing is blowing my mind and I'm in love with it.

Food that's grown 5 blocks from my apt in Greenpoint Brooklyn that's all natural and organic, and that I get to pick up every week from now until well into Fall... Ahhh the excitement!

Here's what we picked up:

various lettuce greens

thyme, sage, chives with edible flower buds, and oregano

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