Thursday, May 5, 2011

saying goodbye to my friend's sweet apt.

my friend james said it best when he said:

"LCD Soundsystem, Osama Bin Laden, and 145 Bedford.
Truly the end of an era."

If you haven't been to my friend rob's, it's going to be hard to explain to you now why that apartment was awesome... but basically it was unusually gigantic, filled with cool art and trinkets, and had a huge outdoor deck. my friend would have many many parties there in the warmer months, where there would sometimes be a live band, sometimes BBQ, and just good times with some of my best friends. so, cheers to rob and 145 bedford. Just because he doesn't live there anymore doesn't mean it will cease to exist... but... it sort of does.
-R-I-P- cool apartment in williamsburg with a deck. you were ahead of your time.
oh yeah and during the day, when i was ALSO there, rob sold all his things on bedford avenue.

best picture of evan's brother ever?

ladies, these gentlemen will optimize the daylights out of your social media,
stitch up your face, and something else talented, in that order, left to right.

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