Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Trip To The Farm (in Brooklyn)

hot peppers. (the bottom left one is a habanero)

I recently discovered that there is an organic farm only blocks away from my apt. in Brooklyn! It's called Tenth Acre Farms, and today I made myself go check out their farm stand even though it was getting kind of late in the day (it ended at 4pm and I went at 3:20pm).

So glad I went! It's a good-sized city farm that's made up of several rows of wooden units filled with soil on the blacktop behind a building that otherwise wouldn't have been used. They have tons of varieties of peppers, including the Habanero, which I've been told is the second hottest pepper on the planet. I pretty much told them I'd get whatever they were selling today, so I ended up with a bunch of basil, a bunch of sorrel, two bunches of half-sized carrots, a bag of mixed greens of most of the varieties of lettuce/field greens that they grow, and a bag of hot peppers (for NOT me)... all for $6. And did I mention it smells like chocolate there? They use cocoa bean casings(?) to fertilize some of their plants. Bennett and Jordan were the two farmers I met today, and they were really into what they were doing with the farm and getting the word out, since this is their first year doing it.

Lucky for me I caught the last day of the farm stand as located AT the farm, but they'll be selling their crops at The Brooklyn Kitchen on Frost St. coming up. (the details are on the farm's website) Check it out!

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