Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept. 10: FNO

On Friday Sept. 10 I went to see a good friend's brother's band, Twitch The Ripper at Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. They opened for a band with quite a following – The Birthday Massacre – so there was a lot of dark makeup and black outfits, some with wings, etc. you get the idea. I, of course, didnt realize this and wore my regular nautical attire. (obv sore thumb) 

Then I headed out to the Diesel store in SoHo to meet my friend Ashley, and there was SUCH a crowd in the streets... spring st., broadway, all the side streets were just FILLED with people. (it was about 11pm)

me + Ashley having an impromptu photo shoot at Diesel

dueling tap dancers at Diesel

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