Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept. 3-6: the hamptons by bike

This labor day weekend i went out to the hamptons without my bike but with my boyfriend, his sister, Julie, and her husband, Mike. We stayed at a little shack (above) courtesy of Mike's brother, NBD. So, basically on the friday of labor day weekend, you can't take bikes on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) – and then we ended up catching a ride anyway, so, couldn't take the bikes. HOWEVER (plot turn), on saturday we drove to Sag Harbor and rented bikes – the four of us did. We rode from downtown Sag Harbor, a little village with cute shops, to the shelter island ferry 3 or 4 miles away.
[aside: Jon's bike had issues and he tried 3 different bikes by the time one actually worked, involving a whole issue where some of us had to go back after we had already started our journey and had gone a couple miles, and so on]

so we took the ferry to shelter island and just rode around for a while. not much goin on there. we were really hungry by then and tried to find a food place, but nothing was open (til dinner time) so we basically rode to the one place open which was a gourmet deli called ... readings? i forget, the people were snotty and it was pricey.

then we went back to just relax the rest of the weekend by the pool with MADDIE the dog!
so here's my little journey... downtown sag harbor, the pool, the dog, etc.

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