Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept. 18: Bike Ride to SoHo + Italian Fest

that's my bike in the background!
Last weekend Jon and I rode over the Williamsburg Bridge right into an Italian Festival in SoHo (not on purpose). I'm proud and relieved to say that this was the second time that the Williamsburg Bridge wasn't difficult for us to get over! Third trip we've made over it in general. So we ended up at the corner of Spring St. + Mulberry St., as you'll see in the pictures... I made sure to get a pic of Jon with a giant tomato, AND to make my classic "Italian face."
To be brief, we parked our bikes in the midst of the very very crowded Italian Festival (Feast of San Gennaro), which seemed to go on for blocks as far as the eye could see. Then, we went shopping in SoHo, found a curious shop up a weird graffiti'd stairway, and came back to eat at the festival. Aaaaand then we decided it was too crowded and opted for a cheap place in Chinatown to get a bite... which was AWESOME – Fu Wong, if you're ever in the neighborhood. Here are the pics!

(the guy next to me looks like he's almost about to make the same face)

at the curious shop where everything was numbered


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  1. I love it. Where are the pics of the Italian Food?!? Miss you and your depressingly awesome face.