Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our First Long Bike Ride – Central Park

Jon and I took the old schwinn traveler and his performance bike to central park a little over a month ago to see a show – Tune-Yards and St. Vincent. The show was amazing but the bike ride was exilirating... and it was by far our longest bike ride yet. We went from greenpoint brooklyn over the pulaski bridge to queens, then took the queensboro bridge over to midtown. Getting over both bridges was the hardest part of the whole trip. It was only a short few blocks from the last bridge to central park.

I wish I had pictures from this trip. It was before I got my new camera, and my old casio exilim took the worst pictures (made everything look overcast). To see pics you can go to brooklynvegan's post.

Tune-yards basically blew me out of the water, and st. vincent, who i really went to see, was just so so. More to come later with original pictures. (this photo is from

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