Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vieques Holga Photos, March 2010

Soooo I finally developed the photos I took in March on my trip to a little island off the coast of Puerto Rico called Vieques. The island used to be solely used for US military purposes, but now it's a sort of secret vacation destination for people who like the beach! Me and a few girl friends went and had a great time snorkeling, swimming, drinking, eating, tanning (WITH sunscreen, don't worry), wild horse stalking, sailing, and puppy petting (they lived next door to the house we rented). Oh yeah and going on a bumpy school bus at night time through the friggin jungle to a pitch black bay filled with 800 species of animals only to jump in and have glowing microorganisms all over my body. It was a once in a lifetime thing, and yes, it legit looked like a sci-fi movie. You could even see where every fish was, because the organisms glow with movement, so you'd see a glowing fish darting through the water next to the boat! For more info on bioluminescence and this particular bio bay tour, go to the bio bay website.
And without further ado, here are the Holga pictures (plus the two bio bay pics that weren't taken by me) Note: these are just the pictures from my Holga, so maybe someday I'll post the 'best of' the rest of the photos from this trip.

oh and did i mention we had to take a plane to get from the
main island to Vieques? It was a cheap 8 minute flight,
but still... it was a SMALL plane.

the courtyard of our rental house

horses hugging

apparently people own these. see any owners? me either.

i really love this picture of Liz for some reason

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